Breathable Gore-tex Guarantee

All weather is good weather


In the varied conditions a motorcyclist experiences, breathable clothing is essential. It is not unusual to find yourself riding in freezing rain, only to be in steaming heat an hour later.

The Gore-Tex® fabrics in Tiger Angel garments are designed to provide maximum breathability. This improves your comfort in ALL weather.

Note, that unlike many other "breathable" fabrics, Tiger Angel garments manufactured with GORE-TEX® fabrics are tested to be "whole garment breathable". In other words the finished garment with all of its layers is tested rather than just the fabric.

You will notice the difference immediately!

Breathable AND windproof?

microscopic view

A look at Gore-Tex® membrane under an electron microscope shows a structure similar to that of a thick hedge. The wind gets trapped in the endless number of tiny branches and is kept away from the body. That means that the insulating layers of air around the body are maintained. Even with a strong head wind on the way up the highway. Perspiration can escape however because the pores in Gore-Tex® membrane are about 700 times bigger than molecules of water vapour. Just as well really, since about half a litre of water vapour (your perspiration) needs to escape per hour.

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