3 layers Gore-tex Guarantee

All weather is good weather


Optimum motorcyclist clothing needs to protect the body from rain and wind and be able to transport body moisture quickly to the outside. With Tiger Angel clothing made from Gore-Tex® fabrics; body moisture formed remains at a comfortable level, the wind and rain stay out and you enjoy your motorcycling.

Heat Transfer is the primary element of discomfort. Heat transfer (gain or loss) through clothing is the result of evaporation, conduction, and convection.

Evaporation: Perspiring is the body's most efficient way of cooling itself when overheated. To prevent discomfort, clothing systems must breathe well enough to allow evaporative heat transfer (cooling) to take place.

Conduction: When clothing gets wet from perspiration trapped within, or from outside moisture, we experience the discomfort of accelerated heat loss caused by wet conductive heat transfer which occurs 23 times faster than dry conductive transfer.

Convection: Convective heat transfer is caused by the movement of air. The windchill we experience when a cold wind blows through a sweater is a good example of convective cooling.

Tiger Angel garments made with GORE-TEX® fabrics improve your riding comfort by being waterproof, windproof and breathable

Guardian Series - Waterproof leather suits

Element Jacket - All weather GORE-TEX® fabric jacket

Element Pants - All weather GORE-TEX® fabric pants