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Tiger Angel garments are designed to be part of your riding equipment for many years. Attention to detail, manufacturing excellence and premium materials define the Tiger Angel standard. This is the reason why the only waterproof fabric used in our factory is GORE-TEX®.

Waterproof design and construction: Waterproof fabric by itself is not enough to guarantee you stay dry. To ensure the performance of the finished garment, meticulous construction, sealing of all exposed seams and weatherproof closures are also necessary. Prior to testing in the Gore labs, the garments are artificially aged to simulate wear and tear. Only then is the garment tested for waterproofness.

Durably waterproof: Most waterproof, breathable fabrics can prevent some water entry when new (initial waterproofness) but may lack durability. Fabrics used to make waterproof, breathable outdoor outerwear must survive frequent exposure to heat from tumble drying, use of dry cleaning chemicals, stains, body oils, and detergent, as well as mechanical forces such as flexing, abrasion and tearing. In addition, they must survive exposure to environmental conditions such as precipitation, temperature extremes, high humidity, and sunlight just to name a few.

Durably waterproof seams: Gore manufactures its own seam tape and thermoplastic seam tape adhesive. The Gore-Seam® tape and the adhesive precisely match the GORE-TEX® fabric to which they are applied. Gore-Seam® sealing machines are leased rather than sold to Gore's licensed manufacturing partners. This allows the machines to be upgraded quickly, insuring the seams in GORE-TEX® outerwear are made with the most up-to-date seam-sealing technology. Those who use other brands of waterproof, breathable fabrics have no choice but to purchase their fabric from one supplier, purchase their seam tape from another supplier, and purchase their seam-sealing machines from yet another supplier. Only Gore will match the seam tape, adhesive, and the seam-sealing machines to the fabric type and weight. The result of all this attention to detail is durably waterproof seams.

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