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No moisture can penetrate the outer layer, which is why GORE-TEX® fabric carries the Guaranteed To Keep You Dry® promise in all weather conditions.

How can this be true?

1.4 billion holes per cm2.

Such an incredible quantity of pores and at the same time water-hating or hydrophobic. How come? The explanation is quite simple. The pores of the Gore-Tex® membrane are around 20,000 times smaller than a droplet of water. This is why heavy rain doesn´t have a chance even at high speed.

The Gore-Tex® membrane also does not allow water to penetrate the seams. A specially developed seam tape - a carefully kept secret - helps to make those critical areas waterproof.

In other words - Guaranteed to Keep You Dry® - which is no secret.

Each new style is subjected to rigorous "Whole garment waterproof" testing.

Seams are also pressure tested in the factory.

Guardian Series - Waterproof leather suits

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Element Pants - All weather GORE-TEX® fabric pants