sewing station
table lettering

Almost anything is possible for us to do. Send in your request and our graphics department will take care of it for you

The set of fonts below are the ones we use as standard. Others are available on request.

You can choose a style, colour and outline colour.

  1. Sans Serif 1
  2. Sans Serif 2
  3. Sans Serif 3
  4. Sans Serif 4
  5. Sans Serif 5
  6. Serif 1
  7. Serif 2
  8. Serif 3
  9. Serif 4
  10. Serif 5

 • Custom fonts available on request.

Colour matching (eg. to match sponsors' colours) is also possible.

White Yellow Orange Pink Red Purple Light Silver Dark Silver Kawasaki Green Italian Green Proton Blue Bright Blue Royal Blue Steel Blue Black Jade Fluoro Yellow Fluoro Orange Fluoro Pink Fluoro Green