Tiger Angel - Custom Order System

Welcome to the Tiger Angel Custom Order System. Ordering the garments that suit your taste and fit you is easy.

At all stages you are able to submit your order request without payment details. Only when the request has been reviewed by one of our staff and you are happy with the design, will you be directed to our secure ordering site for payment details. So enjoy!

Step 1

Choose the product you would like

Go to the products page and choose the style that suits your needs. Once you find the right garment you will be well on the way to creating the perfect motorcycle clothing.

You now need to ensure that you have your measurements before getting excited and proceeding to colour in a suit. So go to Step 2 at this stage.

Step 2

Easy and time proven measuring system

Correct measurements are important. The Tiger Angel measuring system is the result of ten years of refinement. Follow the instructions and you will get it right.

It is a good idea to do your measuring off-line, then come back and proceed to do the enjoyable bit of choosing your colours.

Go to the measuring instructions page where you may wish to print the instructions and do this step off-line.

Step 3

Express Yourself! On-line colouring of your suit design

Now that you have your measurements, proceed to your chosen product page where you have the option of ordering a standard colour combination in which case you will be be sent to an order form where you enter your details and measurements.


You can click on the Express Yourself button on the relevant product page to be taken to the on-line colouring section. No plug-ins needed!!!!

Once happy with design fill in the details on the form and submit it to us.

Step 4

Tiger Angel reviews your request

Your request will now be reviewed by Tiger Angel staff and an email confirmation sent back to you. The email will contain an image of your garment colour combination, pricing, shipping time and a unique customer number.

For international customers, the pricing will include all shipping and duties. We pay it all at our end so that you don't have to worry about customs and other such red tape

If you are happy with the pricing you may then log on to our secure ordering site or contact us by normal methods to provide payment details.

Tiger Angel then makes and ships your unique motorcycle garment.